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COVID-19 Provides the Impetus for Change in the Way Big Law Recruits and Hires Junior Lawyers

Posted by Jon Greenblatt on May 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM

There are lessons to be learned from COVID-19 that should provide the impetus for change to address some of the structural flaws in the way Big Law recruits and develops legal talent.

Any analysis must acknowledge that while it may be easy to make broad proclamations about the permanent changes to Big Law that will arise from COVID-19 and its aftermath, it is dangerous to do so. Traditionally, Big Law does not change quickly or permanently by way of seismic shifts. It changes cautiously and slowly, often only after a strong market leader breaks with the past to provide cover to the entire profession – and particularly when clients press for, or at least approve, of a new approach.

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Understanding the Importance of “Inclusion” as part of “Diversity and Inclusion”

Posted by Jon Greenblatt on Apr 17, 2020 9:30:00 AM

We in the business and legal communities talk about diversity and inclusion.  Most of the people of privilege who I know focus on the diversity component, but far fewer truly understand the importance of inclusion.  I plan to work harder to ensure inclusion in my personal and professional life.  And when I fall short, I beg to be informed.  I ask all of us who have had the privilege of inclusion to do the same.

As a white man who ultimately attained a relative degree of privilege, I did not sufficiently understand or appreciate this for far too long. 

I’ve been married for 33 years to an African American woman with whom we have three grown bi-racial daughters.  My current business partner in Legal Innovators is African American.  I co-founded Shearman & Sterling’s Diversity Committee 30 years ago and my legal practice has been highly international, causing me to work closely with people from a multitude of nationalities and cultures.  But we all see the world through our own lenses, and I have rarely been excluded or unheard.  I’m ashamed to say that this has led me to be insensitive to the hurt, anger and powerlessness of exclusion.

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